The Way of the Cross

We invite you to meditate on the Stations of the Cross using these images from the Holy Cross sanctuary. The Stations of the Cross are 14 moments from the suffering and death of Jesus Christ. The Way of the Cross, as it is sometimes called, begins with Pontius Pilate sentencing Jesus to crucifixion and ends with Jesus in the tomb. Such meditation is a traditional practice of the Church, especially but not only in Lent and on Good Friday.

Walking this Way in prayer and contemplation encourages us to share our own pain, anxiety, and loss with a compassionate God who suffered with and for us on the Cross. Walk the Way of the Cross. May you find the God who suffers with and for you still, and as you share in Jesus' sufferings, may you share too in his rising.

Download a Stations of the Cross booklet to use any time.

First Station

Jesus Is Condemned to Death

Second Station

Jesus Takes Up His Cross

Third Station

Jesus Falls the First Time

Fourth Station


Fifth Station


Sixth Station

Veronica Wipes the Face of Jesus

Seventh Station

Jesus Falls the Second Time

Eighth Station

Jesus Meets the Women of Jerusalem

Ninth Station

Jesus Falls the Third Time

Tenth Station

Jesus Is Stripped of His Clothing

Eleventh Station

Jesus Is Nailed to the Cross

Twelfth Station

Jesus Dies on the Cross

Thirteenth Station

Jesus Is Taken Down from the Cross

Fourteenth Station

Jesus Is Placed in the Tomb