Adult Formation

Christian Formation provides an intentional way to deepen our understanding of our Christian identity. We cover topics that are salient in our engaging the world as followers of Christ. Formation hour includes discussion and presentations on scripture, church seasons, social justice issues, current events, popular culture, music, ethics, sin and redemption, stewardship, and more.

With this in mind, we have a clear and focused mission to make disciples who:

  • Are committed to understanding who Jesus is, and how we can follow his example;
  • Are increasing their understanding of scripture and how it applies to our daily lives and the choices we make;
  • Are engaged in building relationships with people inside and outside of our doors;
  • Respect the dignity of all people; and
  • Are learning together how to share the Gospel message by preparing our minds through formation, our heart through worship, and then engaging the world through the mission of the Church.

Wednesday Morning Bible and Book Study

There is a regular Bible and Book Study meeting on Wednesday mornings beginning at 10:15. The first 45 minutes are devoted to the scripture appointed for the following Sunday. The second half of the meeting is focused on other literature chosen by the participants. The book currently being discussed is A Pilgrimage to Eternity, by Timothy Egan. New members are welcome any time. Please join us.

2020 Sunday Morning Adult Formation

Over the past few years we have been exploring who Jesus is, and what we do in our world if we are following Jesus. Now we are looking at who our sisters and brothers are and how we are acting in the world in concert with them. We will be exploring ways to better understand people from all walks of life by taking a “walk in their shoes” and learning their perspective to broaden our own view of our spiritual journey and how we take action to bring about God’s Kingdom in our time.

Join us 9:15 - 10:15 for any of the upcoming sessions. Many of these sessions will include a video or presentation followed by a facilitated discussion. We can ask ourselves how the topic impacts our Christian identity, and how we can help create better outcomes for everyone.



Human Rights

We are losing a generation to violence: A look at creating a community that believes in young people. Diane Latiker thinks a 12-year-old kid should be worried about his grades and who he has a crush on—not about getting shot on the walk home from school. We will talk about what violence everyday means in our society.


Banquet Network

How do people living with disabilities view the world, and Holy Cross. “We equip churches to include people with disabilities: joyfully. simply. cooperatively.” With special guests, Amberle and Hunter, the founders of The Banquet Network.


Brave Emotions

A look at people through photo mash ups—who do you identify with in the photos and how would you imagine your life if you traded places with the people on the opposite side of the picture? How do we see the world? How does the world see us? How do we get closer to bringing people and resources together? How is your experience of life different from people around the world. How would it feel to trade places with the people in the photos?



Toward the Other

A Brain McLaren video and discussion. Is our Christian identity built from fear of the other? Christian author and peacemaker Brian McLaren on four challenges—historical, doctrinal, liturgical and missional—to consider for community transformation. Move toward the other—from hostility to hospitality. Music by Restoration Arts Village.


Worship, Pain, and Justice

A Soong-Chan Rah video and discussion. Are we faking our way through happy worship? Soong-Chan Rah examines the role of worship, lament and justice and building community through a shared life of pain.



A Nadia Bolz-Weber video and discussion. Nadia Bolz-Weber on the new dimensions of God revealed to her though the LGBT friends in her community.