Adult Formation

Christian Formation provides an intentional way to deepen our understanding of our Christian identity. We cover topics that are salient in our engaging the world as followers of Christ. Formation hour includes discussion and presentations on scripture, church seasons, social justice issues, current events, popular culture, music, ethics, sin and redemption, stewardship, and more.

With this in mind, we have a clear and focused mission to make disciples who:

  • Are committed to understanding who Jesus is, and how we can follow his example;
  • Are increasing their understanding of scripture and how it applies to our daily lives and the choices we make;
  • Are engaged in building relationships with people inside and outside of our doors;
  • Respect the dignity of all people; and
  • Are learning together how to share the Gospel message by preparing our minds through formation, our heart through worship, and then engaging the world through the mission of the Church.

Wednesday Morning Bible and Book Study

There is a regular Bible and Book Study meeting on Wednesday mornings beginning at 10:15. The first 45 minutes are devoted to the scripture appointed for the following Sunday. The second half of the meeting is focused on other literature chosen by the participants. New members are welcome any time. Please join us.

During Advent, the group will discuss a series of short stories.

Week 1

The Gift of the Magi (1905)
by O. Henry

The Gospel According to Joan
by Mary E. Wilkins Freeman

Week 2

Christmas Day in the Morning
by Pearl S. Buck

Exiles, found in Listening to God
by Garrison Keillor 

Week 3

Papa Panov's Special Christmas
by Leo Tolstoy

A Burglar's Christmas
by Willa Cather

2019 Sunday Morning Adult Formation

This year we are patterning our topics to coincide with our overall parish theme of “LOVE is the way.” Stewardship has adopted the theme, “Walk in LOVE,” and this program year, formation is asking everyone, “What’s LOVE got to do with it?” Over the past few years we have been exploring who Jesus is, and what we do in our world if we are following Jesus. Now we are looking at who our sisters and brothers are and how we are acting in the world in concert with them. We will be exploring ways to better understand people from all walks of life by taking a “walk in their shoes” and learning their perspective to broaden our own view of our spiritual journey and how we take action to bring about God’s Kingdom in our time.



Opening Day

The Rev. Jamie Samilio

We begin with an overview of the program year and a lesson in perspective. How we see the world, and how our worldview can be enhanced when we see things through the eyes of other people.


The Via Media

Kevin Laskowski

The Episcopal Church (with the Anglican Church as a whole) has often thought of itself as a via media, a middle way between Roman Catholicism’s emphasis on liturgy and tradition and Protestantism’s emphasis on grace and Scripture. We do both! Come learn more about the Episcopal middle way, what it is, what it isn’t, and how you can walk a middle way of love.



Dignity vs Honor Culture

Phil Long

The relationship between philosophy and theology, and how we got stuck on ridiculous and counterproductive things. The work and triumph of Christianity led to “dignity culture” replacing “honor culture” in Christendom. This can be a stumbling block to believing the good news, and being able to cultivate a loving heart.


Pledge Campaign Kick-off and Community Breakfast

No adult formation


Comfort Cases

Rob Scheer

The founder of Comfort Cases returns to Holy Cross to continue the conversation about how we can make a difference in the lives of foster children. Please join the Outreach Committee on Friday, October 18th as we host Comfort Cases packing party! Please look for the Outreach announcement and help us to provide items to pack the cases, and then invite your friends and family to join us in packing cases for children in the foster care system.


The Rosebud Mission

The Rev. Lauren Stanley

Our relationship with The Rev. Lauren Stanley and the Rosebud mission has blossomed into a loving partnership. The Rev. Lauren will take us for a walk in the shoes of indigenous people, and give is a glimpse into the lives and challenges faced on the Rosebud Reservation in Mission, SD.



40th Anniversary Celebration and Reception

No adult formation


Like You Mean It

Kevin Laskowski

For us, the way of love means a relationship with Jesus and with Scripture. In a session for lectors, those interested in lectoring, and anyone looking to renew or jumpstart their Bible study, Kevin provides tips and tricks on reading and living the Scriptures—out loud.


Everything you wanted to know  about Planned Giving!

Kathryn Mendenhall

Take a walk with a panel of Holy Cross parishioners as they discuss estate planning. Explore how planned giving can pave a path to a bright future for Holy Cross, and give you some interesting and creative investment options. It is never too early to begin planning for the future!


No Formation • Happy Advent!



The Jewish World View

Phil Long

Walk with Phil as he tries on the shoes of the Jewish people in the time of Jesus and today. He will explore what the shepherds heard and what that means for a Christian culture today. The good news is REALLY good, and believing it allows us and compels us to change our hearts. However, large parts of the Church can actually become a stumbling block for repentance. What’s LOVE got to do with it? A turned heart is necessary for selfless love.


Jesus Take the Wheel

Kevin Laskowski

Join us for spiritual reflection and stories from the gig economy as Kevin shares the trials and tribulations of driving for Uber.


Congregational Meeting

The discernment team will hold a listening session during the formation hour. Parishioners are invited to share their thoughts about the future of Holy Cross.


No Formation • Merry Christmas!


No Formation • Happy New Year!