Resources for Families

Faith @ Home is a website that provides free resources to help families engage in faith conversations outside of church.  Faith @ Home Daily assembles five short, intergenerational resources for each day, inviting you to WATCH, LISTEN, READ, DO, and PRAY. The offerings are designed by formation professionals to be engaging and user-friendly. Visit the Faith @ Home website to browse the offerings, or sign up for free delivery to your inbox.


Tucked In: Bedtime Stories and Prayers with Episcopalians and others is a Facebook Group that offers read-alouds of picture books with faith themes. Click on the Videos button to easily find all the read-aloud videos.  The videos can be found at:

Worship at Home

Hopefully you have been able to join your Holy Cross family in our Sunday morning worship.  It is a lovely offering, but geared for an adult congregation.  If you would also like to have a family worship experience that is geared to include children, we recommend Worship at Home, a downloadable document by Mary Hawes. Worship at Home will guide you in setting up a simple family worship space and includes a do-it-yourself prayer service with links to songs and music.  This is super user-friendly—no seminary experience required! Find Worship at Home at