Love Your Neighbor as Yourself: Lent with the Prophets

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  • Wednesday | March 9, 2022
  • 7:00 pm

Join Kevin Laskowski online Wednesday nights in this apocalyptic Lent as we turn to the prophetic voices of Scripture for wisdom and inspiration. For the prophets, terror, violence, and calamity could often be faithfully traced to a failure to obey God’s commands. Sometimes, someone, somewhere, somehow had failed to love. Love of neighbor is neither a feeling nor random acts of kindness. It is an individual and collective choice with dire consequences for each and all.

When asked which was the greatest of God’s commandments, Jesus pointed to the command to love God and said the second was like it: “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” What does it mean to love one’s neighbors? To truly care for the people closest to us? To love strangers? To love even enemies?

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