“Blue Christmas” Service

Event details

  • Sunday | December 19, 2021
  • 5:00 pm

For many of us—and for many of us this year especially—Advent isn’t joyous, and Christmas isn’t likely merry. Perhaps, we’ve lost someone close. Perhaps, we’re unable to be with those we care about. Perhaps, there are times when we’re just not feeling “it,” whatever that’s supposed to be. For one reason or another, the season isn’t what we’d hoped or expect. Our Christmas isn’t white but blue.

Joy and peace are Christmas spirits, but so too are grief and a troubled heart. Bring those feelings to Holy Cross and to God. Churches often mark this time with a special service of prayer, a “Blue Christmas,” Another Advent for those marking an other Advent. Join us for a special evening service and mark this holiday, whatever its color. There will be time for quiet, time for prayer, and time for healing. It will be time with God.