Church of the Holy Cross
2455 Gallows Road
Dunn Loring, VA 22027-1225


Whoever you are, and wherever you find yourself on the journey of faith, you are welcome here at Holy Cross as you are to receive the blessings of God so freely given, of new and unending life in Christ.

We say these words every week to welcome everyone to our worship service, to the Lord's table, and to the life of our congregation. These words also form the perfect introduction to the Episcopal Church of the Holy Cross in Dunn Loring, Virginia. It is our open, welcoming atmosphere that has helped to build our community of faith into what it is today and that continues to sustain it as we discern to what purpose God is calling us.

The members of Holy Cross have overwhelmingly voiced their opinion that it is this welcoming atmosphere that has drawn them into the life of the congregation and that it is the people of Holy Cross who keep them coming back each week. The sense of openness and inclusiveness is central to our identity and to our desire to be a place where all may seek and serve Christ.

We invite you to visit any time and experience worship and fellowship at Holy Cross for yourself. You are welcome here.