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Easter Parade Partners—The Lamb Center

Learn about the organizations we support through our giving parades.


The Lamb Center

The Lamb Center, where “spirits and bodies are fed”, is a daytime drop-in homeless shelter in Fairfax, VA , whose mission is “serving the poor and homeless, transforming lives, and sharing God’s love.”

The Lamb Center has been a Holy Cross Outreach partner since October, 2017, when it was the chosen charity for our first  “Stuff the Truck” Day of Service event. In 2018, Outreach began collecting toiletries each Sunday. In Sept. 2019, we held our second Stuff the Truck event to benefit the Lamb Center. In July 2020, our Giving Parade brought in huge amounts of toiletries.

The Lamb Center continues to serve guests during the Pandemic.  They “have altered their operating procedures to allow up to five guests at a time to come in for 30 minutes to grab a meal, take a shower, and drop off or pick up laundry.”

As 13,000+ showers are provided to guests each year, there is a continuous need for travel size toiletries:
body wash
alcohol-free mouthwash
disinfecting wipes
shaving gel/cream
disposable double-edge razors

To learn more about the Lamb Center, go to


Visit our Outreach page for more information and a complete list of items we are collecting.