Church of the Holy Cross
2455 Gallows Road
Dunn Loring, VA 22027-1225


My Pledge for 2018

In gratitude for all that God has given to me/us and to help support the ministries of Holy Cross I/we hereby make the following pledge for calendar year 2018:

Dollar Amount
First Name Last Name
Home Phone

I/we would like to fulfill my/our pledge through electronic funds transfer.

I/we would like to fulfill my/our pledge through check/plate offerings.
I/we would like weekly pledge envelopes.
I/we would like monthly pledge envelopes.
I/we do not need pledge envelopes.


Faith Pledge

We are sometimes blessed with unexpected sources of income such as bonuses or unforeseen monetary gifts. If such unexpected abundance occurs in 2018, I/we pledge to contribute a portion of the gift for advancing the mission of Holy Cross.

percent of unexpected income


Request for Further Information

I/we would like information on leaving a planned gift.
I/we have remembered Holy Cross in our estate plan/will.

I/we are interested in making a separate gift in addition to this pledge for a specific purpose.

Dollar Amount